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How to inspect network traffic on your cell phone / mobile device

Tags: analyze traffic, mobile traffic investigation, mitm proxy attackLast update: Feb 2021 ForewordIn this tutorial we will use a regular computer with two USB wifi adapters: one for the connection to our internet/wan and the other one for creating our local wifi hotspot. You can substitute one of the wifi adapters with an ethernet adapter […]

How to install a privacy friendly Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu and run it securely

Tags: jitsi installation, secure, ubuntu, linuxLast update: Jan 2021 Prerequisites a fresh installation of Ubuntu 21.04 LTS or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS verify all updates are installed by issuing If you intend to run Jitsi on your new publicly accessible server, reachable under meet.yourdomain.com, you should change the name of your host accordingly in both files […]

Replacing a faulty disk in a software RAID1 array on Linux

Tags: linux, raid1, software raid, mdstat, md0Last update: Jan 2021 Assumptions We have a running software RAID1 at moint point /dev/md0 consisting of the following partitions: /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 Showing details You can get some detailed information about the fitness of /dev/md0 by issuing: An exemplary entry looks like this: and tells us that it’s a […]

Useful Linux commands

Tags: LinuxLast update: Mar 2018 Compare binary files within the console and highlight those areas which differ. Vim and Colordiff have to be installed before. 2. Using a harddisk device for storing encrypted data with luks: 3. Mirroring with rsync from /source to /destination. Compression is great when backing up over the Internet. 4. Wipe […]

Backup/sync files with 7-Zip CLI

Tags: Windows | Linux | 7-Zip Command Line InterfaceLast update: Dec 2017 1. Foreword / Setting / Requirements We want a quick and tiny script to initially backup our files secondarly to update our archive for example on a daily basis. We want to modify our archive only in case a file/folder has been changed. […]

How to securely wipe your flash drive with Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Tags: Secure wipe, LinuxLast update: Dec 2017 First we want to fill up our pendrive with zeroes: After completion we can check if our flash drive is really wiped with zeros by installing and using a text-based Hex-editor: Remember: We trust nobody so we check manually if zeros have been written to the drive. If […]

How to build a more secure personal computer

Tags: Coreboot, F2A85-M, F2A85-M PRO, A10-5800KLast Update: Jan 2021 This guide is based on the BIOS UEFI replacement called Coreboot which runs on an ASUS F2A85-M or F2A85-M PRO mainboard with an AMD A10-5800K CPU with integrated graphics. 1. Introduction and aim This initial idea came up with the uprising problems and vulnerabilities of Intel ME and AMD […]

How to set up Postfix on Debian to use a mailhoster with SMTP

Tags: Postfix, Mailhoster, Linux, SMTPLast update: Feb 2021 First we need to install packages: If it’s not opening up automatically you can configure Postfix with “sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix”.Confige Postfix by choosing: satellite system system mail name = your-computername smtp relay host = [your-mailhost]:port root mail recipient = empty other destinations = leave default yes local […]